Ready for Online Takeoff in Airplane Games

We have all heard of flight simulators at one point or another - usually in the context of pilots who need to get their training done and figure out which buttons to press in case of an emergency landing. Thankfully, these little programs have evolved into their very own genre over the past few years, opening up the world of plane games for players all around the globe. Regardless of your profession, you too can now get behind the control board of a aircraft and soar through the skies. Whether it’s in War Thunder or World of Warplanes: Every player brave enough to take on airborne adventures will be rewarded with 3D graphics and action-packed battles that leave nothing to the imagination. Flight games are similar to shooters in a way: Here, you also get to fire off weapons and try your best in getting enemy targets into your crosshairs. There’s just one little difference: In a flight game, you will have to steer the airplane and make sure not to crash while taking on opposing forces. Sounds easy in theory, but wait until it’s time for the ultimate takeoff...

Free Airplane Games for You

So what can you expect from airplane games found on Action battles, teamwork and free-to-play business models. Yep, most of the games featured on this website are available for free and usually come with an in-game shop for players interested in spending a few coins on extra boosts. Airplane games are usually online and offer multiplayer gameplay, meaning that teams of gamers are asked to group up to take each other on in dogfight combat. The key ingredient to winning battles in an airplane game is to work together. Going off on your own and exploring the sky is of no use when you are in the middle of warfare. Communicate with members of your team to come up with a bullet-proof strategy to eventually take home the trophy!

While aiming and efficiently firing off ammunition is essential to airplane games, the genre does differ from other shooting games. It’s a flight simulator, after all! Getting the controls right will take a little bit of practice, but thankfully most developers are kind enough to include tutorials in their games. These will show you in a few quick steps what it means to be the pilot of an airplane and introduce you to the controls. Acceleration and maneuverability are no easy feat, as you will find out for yourself once you dive into airplane games for the first time. Chances are other players will feel the same way, though, so there’s often a matchmaking system in place that will guarantee fair match-ups and balanced opponents. This way, beginners won’t have to face experienced aviators!

The Sky is Your Oyster

If you are only interested in video games that focus on aerobatic flying rather than dogfighting, we have just the list for you. Here are some of the free jet games that you can check out to pull off the Cuban Eight, Outside Loop or even the highly dangerous Dive:

  • Microsoft Flight (PC)
  • Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D (Mobile)
  • Flight Simulator: City Plane (Mobile)
  • Airplane Fly Hawaii (Mobile)
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