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Gameglobe Description

Let your creativity run free and create your very own world in which to play. Share your work with others and your friends to experience great adventures.


In Gameglobe, you have the opportunity to create a world how you see fit. You decide what areas your friends in the online universe will be able to discover and what waits for them in the game. Whether you build giant cities or dangerous jungles – the way the world appears and functions is completely up to you. In Gameglobe, everything is built to suit you.

Within a few minutes, you can create your own universe with various tools and objects right in your browser. You can create expansive worlds which can be visited by all of your friends. In Gameglobe, there are nearly countless options and tools that are available to you so that you can create your own game world without too effort or time invested. However, it is not just your creativity that will be put to the test in this free-to-play online title.

Your friends will also be able to create their own personal action adventure that you can experience for yourself. You can dive right into the worlds created by your friends and try out the challenges that they put forth for players to attempt. You never know what could be waiting for you in a new map. Ancient catacombs, hilly landscapes and massive cities are all waiting to be discovered – in Gameglobe you and your friends have nearly endless options.

With the virtual sandbox world of Gameglobe, you can lose yourself for hours. In order to make a more in-depth and fun experience for you and your friends, you will naturally have to invest more time into the worlds you create, right in your browser.

by Kyle Hayth

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