Game of War - Fire Age: Mariah Carey has Dethroned Kate Upton

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Step Aside Kate Upton

Mariah Carey in the New Game of War Commercial

Mariah Carey in the New Game of War Commercial

Just as you thought the TV commercials for Game of War: Fire Age couldn’t get any more cringeworthy, Machine Zone has given us a well-produced advertisement featuring Mariah Carey.

In the last few months, underwear model and icon Kate Upton has been the face for the Game of War: Fire Age marketing campaign. We assume she was chosen to appeal to those that support her Christian ideology, or her fellow basketball fans, rather than any of her other assets. Whatever her skillset, Machine Zone decided to spend $40 million dollars on an advertising campaign for their mobile game, showing off Miss Upton and her “acting skills”, with a little bit of a video game squeezed snugly in between.

The reign of Princess Upton seems to be over, however, with genuine celebrity royalty taking her place. In what must be the marketing campaign of the century, Machine Zone has everybody talking about how ridiculous this all is. We are fairly sure that the marketing department at Machine Zone are in just as much disbelief as we are over the fact that they managed to convince Mariah Carey to star in one of their advertisements.

The video is just as ridiculous as it sounds, but with a fairly solid production value. We imagine someone at Machine Zone getting a massive raise when they think of putting the song “Hero” as the soundtrack to their Mariah Carey commercial; truly inspired.

Oh, and it’s all apparently in aid of promoting an update. That’s also happening, something to do with bringing the Android and iOS versions in line with each other. Something something free-to-play something something mobile game.

Mariah Carey? Really?

Source: Game of War: Fire Age Youtube Channel

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