Game of War - Fire Age: Huge Update and Game Changes

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New Update for Game of War - Fire Age

The free-to-play empire-building game from Machine Zone is getting a huge update. Players of Game of War – Fire Age have a whole host of new content to look forward to.

This appears to be the biggest update yet for the mobile game, and we are sure that players will spend a lot of time exploring the new options available and the new in-game content. The update adds more social aspects to the game, mainly surrounding Alliances, and it also adds some Kingdom and Alliance events.

More Alliance Interaction in the Latest Update

New Content

  • Alliance City: Players can now join forces with their friends and build a central community hub. The alliance city lets players work together and earn prestige faster than ever.
  • Core Crafting: This is an entirely new system that lets players craft and customize equipment, making it even more powerful than before.
  • Alliance Events: Another one of the social additions. These events let all of the players in an alliance participate in events to earn huge prizes and get their names on a leaderboard.
  • Kingdom Events: All players across the entire kingdom can work together in massive wars against other invading kingdoms.

On top of the listed changes, there are loads of other smaller changes that make life a little easier for players. There are bug fixes and quality of life changes that make the game experience much better. If you want to see the full list, you can check it out here on the app store.

Game of War – Fire Age is completely free to play, so if you want to see if it’s your kind of things, then click the link below and try it out.

Source: Official App Store Page

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