Quick Byte: Telltale’s Game of Thrones - Season One (iOS, Android)

03/30/2015 08:43 am by Marcel Wuttig in TestsAdventureFantasy

Game of Thrones

“Dum dum, da da dum dum, da da dum dum, da da dum dum, da da dudum…“ If you’re a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, you will probably have noticed that the assortment of “dums” and “das” is supposed to be the show’s iconic opening melody. I already got really excited when I heard that Telltale Games was going to release a game based on the popular fantasy franchise, but I literally flipped out when I learned that it was going to be released for Android and iOS devices as well. As a major fan of the books and a viewer of the series, I had to give the adventure game a try in our Quick Byte feature. Find out what I thought after playing the first episode of Telltale’s game.

Purchase Only If You’re a Fan of the Show

This can be understood as a general warning to our community. Usually, we only focus on free games on our website, despite the fact that there are some purchasable games in our selection. Telltale’s Game of Thrones - Season One is not cheap. Each episode has to be purchased individually, which makes it a rather expensive app for our standards. Knowing that, we would only recommend the adventure game to anyone who is familiar with the lore. It is unlikely that it is a worthwhile purchase for you if you're not, especially if you are only used to playing free-to-play games. Anyone who is a big fan of the franchise, however, couldn’t get happier spending money on a game.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones - Season One blends in perfectly with HBO’s show. A brand-new side plot focusing on a previously unexplored family called House Forrester is the main focus of this game. The touchscreen controls are perfectly utilized as you swipe and tap yourself through the quick time events which are a major part of the gameplay. Be aware that this is a story-driven adventure game whose focus is long dialogues in which you get to make major decisions for the protagonists. This is definitely another reason why the app is more recommendable for fans of the series.

Aside from that, Telltale’s addition to the franchise ideally reflects what is so typical for the novels and the TV series: three-dimensional characters, surprising plotlines, gore, action, and mythical realism.

Telltale's Game of Thrones - Season One

Telltale's Game of Thrones - Season One

Verdict after 30 (+) Minutes

Normally, we only play a game for 30 minutes in our Quick Byte feature. I thought that in a case like this, it would make more sense to play through the entire first episode of the first season, which took me somewhere between two and three hours. Download the app if you are a fan of Game of Thrones and if you are willing to spend some money on it. Telltale’s Game of Thrones is not a casual gaming experience and will require you to sit down and delve into the plot entirely. The "two thumbs up" rating that I am giving the game reflects all those players. Players who are looking for a free-to-play casual game which requires no knowledge of a prevalent franchise should probably flip those thumbs upside down.

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