Game of Thrones: Publishers Bigpoint Set to Reveal New Info at GDC

02/29/2012 09:54 am in News

Publishers of numerous free-to-play online games, Bigpoint, have announced today their plans to release new information regarding a rumored project, Game of Thrones. These first details will give fans of the television series a look into how the fantasy world will come to life as an MMO.
Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms

In the latest to roll off of the Bigpoint (The Mummy Online, Battlestar Galactica Online) presses: it has been announced that the online games publishing giant will be presenting the first details of Game of Thrones at the upcoming Game Developers Conference taking place in San Fransisco on March 7th-9th.

Game of Thrones will be a browser-based fantasy game based on the incredibly popular television series which debuted last year. This will give fans of the series a chance to experience the world they see on television like never before and even become a part of it.

The design and planning of Game of Thrones began in summer of 2011 after the HBO series, with all of its thrilling plots and action, became incredibly popular. Bigpoint has also said that the plan is to have the Closed Beta testing phase begin in the fall of 2012.

Make sure to keep checking back as we here at will have the latest on any new updates regarding Game of Thrones!

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