Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms
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Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms
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Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms Description

Are you a fan of the incredibly popular HBO fantasy television series? Experience the story of the show like never before in this free-to-play browser game.


The free-to-play browser game, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, is based off of the highly popular television series, Game of Thrones. Dive into this fantasy world and write your own story within the lore of the books and television series.

With Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms you have the chance to experience a fantasy world known around the world like never before. Hundreds of adventures await you as you venture across the lands to complete quests and unlock the mysteries hidden throughout the world. As you go about your adventures, you will be able to earn experience by defeating monsters and completing quests. By doing so, you will be able to unlock new skills and powerful abilities that will make you ever more devastating on the battlefield. This, of course, is combined with new weapons and armor that will also improve your attributes.

The world is torn by war in Game of Thrones 7 Kingdoms and you are right in the middle of it all. Like a true hero, you must fight to the last and defeat those that wish you harm in Game of Thrones. Measure up against other players from around the world as you get to see and experience the landscapes directly out of the television series. You will have to prove yourself by defeating them in combat. Only those players who master their skills and weapons will be able to claim victory and glory on the battlefield.

Only if you have a competent strategy and a heart of iron can you hope to survive in the dangerous world of Game of Thrones Seven Kingodoms. Become a legend and victor as you defeat your enemies!

Unfortunately, it seems as though Bigpoint has stopped development on Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms. Since there hasn't been any official word on it, there's still some hope left that it will re-launch one day. We will keep you posted.

by Kyle Hayth

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