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GallopStars Description

Discover the excitement of horse racing in this fun simulation browser game! Select your jockey’s uniform, train your horses and compete in real-time against other players...


GallopStars is a free-to-play racing simulation game, in which you purchase, trade and train a stable of horses, preparing them for all of the excitement and intensity of horse racing. You start the game by choosing a uniform for your jockey, choosing from a range of colours and patterns. Following this you are given the choice of your first horse in the racing simulation game GallopStars.

There are six breeds you can initially choose from, each of which has three varying stats – speed, stamina and control. Some horses will be faster but have less stamina whereas others will be steady and be able to race long distances. The kind of horse you choose will have a direct impact on the tracks you can compete on in the browser based game GallopStars.

There are several tracks to choose from in locations all over the world including Australia, England, Dubai, Germany, USA and France. Some of them require a fast horse whereas the longer tracks will require a horse with stamina in the racing simulation game GallopStars. Races are carried out in real time, and can be watched in 3D with the help of a unity graphics player.

Strive to overtake your competitors and cross the finish line first. By doing so you will win a monetary prize that can be used to purchase new horses. Victory in the browser based game GallopStars also means rising to the top of the in-game charts, allowing you to share your success with all the other players from all over the world.

by Kyle Hayth

GallopStars Screenshots

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