Gallendor Battlegrounds
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Gallendor Battlegrounds
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Gallendor Battlegrounds Description

Venture into the world of Gallendor, and create your very own empire. Destroy your enemies, expand your settlement and obtain glory in this free browser game...


Gallendor Battlegrounds is a free-2-play browser-based online game, in which you expand your own empire by constructing a variety of dwellings, including a citadel, library, temple and laboratory. In addition to construction, you must also produce a variety of resources – either by your independent means or by stealing from your enemies. The path you take in the strategy-based game Gallendor Battlegrounds is up to you.

Every resource will help you in maintaining and expanding your settlement. You start out by producing iron ore, gold, wood, food and silver. These resources can be used both for construction and for trade. Head to the thriving marketplace of Gallendor and trade your resources with other players.

Another core element of the online game Gallendor Battlegrounds is combat and war. Your goal is to explicate a large and powerful army to take to the battlegrounds. You must either focus on the defense of your empire, or on relentlessly attacking your enemies. Train your army and prepare them to face the enemies on the battlegrounds. As you overthrow your adversaries in the browser game you earn rewards, obtain glory and honor, and have the chance to have your name listed on the leader board.

In Gallendor Battlegrounds you can also orchestrate cutting edge research at the laboratory in order to find new and improved technologies to assist you in construction, combat and trade. There are also a variety of quests, including dangerous monster quests you can participate in to earn experience and achievements in the thrilling browser game Gallendor Battlegrounds.

by Kyle Hayth

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