Galaxy Online 2
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Galaxy Online 2
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Galaxy Online 2 Description

With the expansion of men into the galaxies of the universe came the great struggle for resources and domination. You must capture resources and destroy the enemy factions in this space epic...


Galaxy Online 2 is an online strategy game in which you attempt to control the universe's resources while defending yourself against other players. There are six factions to choose from and to ally yourself with – choose wisely because this determines who is your friend or foe.

Building fleets to move through and conquer galaxies is the main goal of Galaxy Online 2. You need to colonize surrounding planets to gain the valuable resources that lie buried beneath the surface. Completing quests also provides you with supplies and resources which can help you. Once you have established yourself on the planet, you'll need to begin building those fleets.

There are many building options available to you; ranging from shipyards to depots. Galaxy Online 2 gives you many different ways to start creating your empire. Once you've built the necessary structures, you can begin building warships to help defend yourself and to defeat your enemies.
You should also keep in mind that you are not simply completing quests in Galaxy Online 2 you'll also need to hone your strategy and tactics for encounters with other player's fleets.

If you're looking for an exciting space adventure than Galaxy Online 2 is certainly a good place to start. Using tactics, strategy and sometimes brute force you'll be able to complete quests and conquer the galaxies of the universe in order to control resources and planets.

by Kyle Hayth

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