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Galaxy Legend
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Galaxy Legend Description

A war is raging across the entire galaxy. In this time of battles and fights, only the most distinguished and accomplished leader can make a difference! Become a legend in this mobile game…


The free-to-play mobile game Galaxy Legend is certainly a chameleon of a game. It combines various genres into one complex experience set in a raging war of galactic proportions. The year is 2841 and the human population has left the Earth to conquer new worlds. By the time the mobile game starts, the farthest planets in the universe have been claimed and populated. Escaping into new worlds has not made human quarrels and fights any less prevalent - on the contrary, wars have become an intergalactic phenomenon. You will become a commander in this science-fiction game and lead your troops into battle.

Galaxy Legend is best described as a space-combat strategy RPG. This might sound confusing at first, but the app includes a multitude of features that can be assorted to any one of the genres mentioned above. You will be the commander of an outpost of the galaxy, trying to expand your power and influence. While you follow your goal of rebuilding your civilization, you will face opponents that want nothing more than to extinguish you - and believe us, the number of threats are endless. You will face space pirates, enemy outposts, aliens, and, naturally, other players whose goal is similar to yours. The right strategy is always necessary in order to win each and every inimical encounter.

In order to have even the smallest inkling of a chance in space-combat, you will obviously need your very own fleet of space ships. Luckily, Galaxy Legend features various classes and ship types that you can build in order to gain tactical advantages in battles.

Galaxy Legend is a free-to-play combat-strategy RPG that focuses on a great PvP and PvE experience for all Android and iOS devices. Its lush science-fiction plot is simply waiting to be explored wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Galaxy Legend Screenshots

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