Galactic Supremacy
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Galactic Supremacy
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Galactic Supremacy Description

Join one of nine alien races and become the lord of the universe! Galactic Supremacy is a free strategy browser game, throwing you into an intergalactic war.


Before you start building-up your empire in Galactic Supremacy, you have to select which alien race you want to belong to. There are nine races to choose from, each with its specific strengths and technologies. Once you’ve done that, you begin your intergalactic adventure by constructing mines and other important buildings on your planet. There are several resources in the game, for example metal and crystal. You will get those resources by mining and plundering other players’ planets. Use them to build buildings, increase your defense, and create space ships.

It goes without saying that every space emperor needs a fleet with different space ships. Some of them are meant to attack while others are used for transportation. At the beginning of the strategy game, you don’t have too many buildings and space ships to choose from, but that will soon change. All you need to do is research technologies to gather knowledge on how to build and construct more advanced objects.

The sci-fi title features numerous other players from different alien races, waiting for a chance to attack and take away all your resources. Make sure to secure your planet as good as you can. But keep in mind that you won’t make any significant progress by merely mining and defending your planet. Whether you go for a more defensive or offensive strategy, you always need a fleet of sorts. Galactic Supremacy features highly destructive space ships which you can use to attack other planets, break down their defenses, and steal resources. Multiplayer combat is an important aspect of the game, but it’s not the only one. You have to consider political issues and form alliances with friendly emperors. Also keep an eye on your own people. Are they happy? How much do they work and how’s the birth-rate on your planet developing? You will have to keep all these things in mind when you expand your empire in Galactic Supremacy.

Galactic Supremacy Screenshots

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