Fruit Ninja: Fruitful New Update for Casual Mobile Game

10/01/2014 04:58 am by Anna Radak in NewsCasualiOS

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

It’s no secret that developers like to push their games by publishing other forms of audiovisual media to support the franchise. From cinematic trailers to original animated series: As long as it is beautifully rendered, anything goes. Halfbrick has now released a new webisode for Fruit Ninja Origins, teasing two novice characters that will be added to the casual mobile game tomorrow. Katsuro and Mari are both ninja students trying to soak up anything there is to know about slicing and dicing. You will guide them through beginner levels and advanced challenges starting after the big update goes live.

The sensei smiles upon thee.

Fruit Ninja is a colorful mobile gaming app available for iOS, Windows and Android. Your goal is to swiftly swipe your fingers across the touchscreen of your mobile device to hit as many melons, oranges and apples as possible to unlock a new highscore. The update launching on October 2nd will include a brand-new menu and powerful abilities for every Blade and Dojo weapon. Halfbrick also promises a fruitful future for Fruit Ninja with plenty more updates to come later this year.

This is the new episode of Fruit Ninja Origins:
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