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Fruit Ninja
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Fruit Ninja Description

Slice and dice as many juicy and tasty fruits as your fingers allow in this free-to-play mobile game available for any and all smartphones and tablets. Slash melons, oranges or bananas and avoid bombs to rise to new heights and unlock the highest ranks...


Being a ninja usually comes with daring tasks that not everyone is prepared to take on: sneaking around behind people's backs, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and silently assassinating targets. Being a Fruit Ninja, however, has nothing to do with all of the things just mentioned. Phew! Here, you spend your day slicing and dicing anything from pineapples to strawberries, trying to garner as much points as humanly possible. The free-to-play mobile game is available as a free download for all kinds of smartphones and tablets, whether you are supporting iOS, Android or Windows.

Each level gives you a certain amount of time in which you need to halve as many fruits as your fingers are capable of. In order to do that, you need to be in command of your touchscreen and react the moment something appears on the screen. Slide your fingertips across the Fruit Ninja battlefield in order to increase your highscore and ultimately be better than any other player that has downloaded the free-to-play game based on dexterity, skill and speed. Oh, and you will also need nerves of steel in order to not throw your mobile device across the room when you are not hitting quite as many fruits as you originally wanted to. The bigger the combo, the higher the points!

Not every object that pops up on your screen while trying out another Fruit Ninja level is something you want to cut into pieces. Be aware of nasty red bombs that will not only cost you a life, but end the current playthrough immediately. Purple bombs, which are only available outside of the classic game mode, will cost you ten points, blow up any fruit currently on the screen and strip you of any buffs you might have picked up earlier. There’s one bomb type you will want to tap, however, and that is the yellow lucky bomb that sports a snazzy four leaf clover. That one will give you a bonus you wouldn't want to miss!

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