Frozen Free Fall
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Frozen Free Fall
What to expect:
  • Play more than 650 levels in the free match-3 game based on Frozen
  • Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and all the other characters from the Disney movie
  • Unlock more puzzles and game modes as you explore Arendelle
  • Use unique power-ups to make it through all challenges
  • Play as your favorite character from the animated movie
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Help Elsa and Anna in Frozen Free Fall, the Free Match-3 Game

Slip into the role of your favorite Frozen character and beat the clock in numerous puzzles in Frozen Free Fall. Match ice crystals to clear the way!


It’s no secret that the entire world loves Disney movies. Young children as well as adults seem to have a soft spot for the colorful presentation of heart-warming stories, whether that is Snow White or The Lion King. One of the latest animated movies to sweep all nations was Frozen, the story of two sisters who use their unconditional love to overcome even the biggest of obstacles. Do you want to join Anna and Elsa on their quest to save the world and make everyone come together in peace and harmony, even outside of movie theatres? Then download the free Frozen Free Fall app today and get ready to smash ice crystals to pieces and connect shimmering gemstones in this Match 3 game available for all mobile devices.

Frozen Free Fall is a mobile game that puts both your dexterity and your thinking skills to the test. You have hundreds of levels to show off your prowess and prove to your friends that you have enough expertise to solve all puzzles. The gameplay is quite simple: Just be on the lookout for ice crystals of the same shape and color, match them by sliding your finger across the touchscreen and use magical power-ups to get rid of blocks that are hindering you to reach your goal. Before you get to advance to the next level and unlock more of your favorite characters, you have to meet a certain score and complete the task at hand with just a limited set of moves. Every decision you make while playing this free-to-play casual game has to be considered wisely. You are welcome to repeat puzzle challenges and start from scratch if you want to either try again or increase your rating.

While Anna falls back on her torch to melt ice crystals into oblivion, her sister Elsa just freezes them to make way for more colorful jewels. Hans has more of a hands-on approach when it comes to exploring the Frozen Free Fall universe and slashes through crystals with his sword. Try to combine more than just three pebbles, as this will not only boost your overall rating, but also help you clean out each level much quicker. Frozen Free Fall is available for free on the iPad, iPhone as well as Android and Windows phones and tablets.

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