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Freewar Description

Set in a persistent world, this online role-playing game takes you into the midst of an intense war. As one of eight character classes you fight against other players and explore a fantasy world....


Freewar is a browser-based fantasy game that plays out in real time. As one of eight races you explore the vast landscapes, engaging in PvP and PvE combat. These races all have varying strengths, weaknesses and racial alliances, so it is important you think wisely before selecting choosing where your loyalties will lie.

Your success in the free-to-play MMORPG Freewar is defined by the number of experience points you accumulate. You can earn these valuable experience points by killing non-player characters, claiming victory in a battle, by casting spells on your enemies or stealing their points, through training by another experienced players, of by completing challenges and quests. The more successful you are in the game, the more experience points you will accumulate. As you earn more experience points, your character's personal attributes including strength, defence, intelligence and speed, will increase. By taking Freewar academy course, your character's academy levels - strength, life, intelligence and inner strength - will also increase.

As you roam the rich fantasy world of Freewar it is important to keep an eye out for dropped weaponry, armor and potions, which your character will be able to accrue and use in battle. These will increase your chances of slaying your enemies in battle. If you summon a large amount of wealth in the fantasy game Freewar you should strive to deposit it into the nearest in-game bank, in order to protect it and keep it from slowing you down. You are also able to form clans and parties in the role-playing game, which will provide you with protection, extra storage space, extra gold, and additional bonuses.

by Kyle Hayth

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