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FreedomResist Description

Choose whether you want to fight for the human race or on the side of the aliens. You have the power to affect the outcome of history in favor of good or evil...


The story of FreedomResist takes place in the beginning of the year 3000. Something horrible has happened to the human race: The earth was overrun by nasty aliens and completely devastated in the process. Almost everything was destroyed; only a few people survived.

But, with the help of technologically sophisticated weapons and advanced equipment, a small resistance group wants to free the remaining individuals from the oppression and domination of alien powers.
At this point, you enter the web game FreedomResist as a new player. You need to make the important decision whether you want to be one of the mean aliens or a resistance fighter. Which group you choose will affect the story of the free-to-play online game FreedomResist.

The goal of the online game FreedomResist is to develop your character so you can get to the next level. If you recruit other "soldiers" for FreedomResist, you will receive a small amount of Platinum or credits as a reward. You should develop your skills to get better items, such as weapons, armor, shields, materials and so on. On the overview page of your character you can see all important data.

by Kyle Hayth

FreedomResist Screenshots

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