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Free Realms
What to expect:
  • Create your own character in this free online game
  • Meet various strange animals and curious creatures
  • Experience colorful graphics
  • Journey through a vast online world
  • Pick the job of your dreams for your customized creature
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  • Fantasy
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In Free Realms, you find yourself in the midst of strange animals and creatures. Fight against evil monsters, take care of your garden and your pet...


A variety of features and bright, colorful graphics promise you a lot of fun in the free client-based game Free Realms. On your journey through this unique online world, you meet strange animals and other impressive creatures.

As a wizard you search for a hidden treasure and fight all the monsters that cross your path. You organize great parties to make life in Free Realms even more fun. Meanwhile, you take care of your pet and teach it cool tricks. You also have the chance to take it easy, for example when you decide to do some gardening.

At the beginning of the game Free Realms you create your own character. There are practically no limits to your creativity. You can pick the job of your dreams. As a ninja fighter you battle your way through the world and scare all the other gamers with your surprising attacks. As a soccer star, for example, you let steam off on the turf, and as a fisherman you do not only search for exotic fish but also for hidden treasures. Postmen, on the other hand, find exciting quests and challenges in the mailboxes. As you can see, every profession in Free Realms offers a lot of fun and entertainment.

If you like animals, you can go to the animal shelter and pick a new companion for your adventures. Each pet has an individual personality and you also have the opportunity to choose a stylish outfit for your animal.

While you're on your journey through the world of Free Realms, you roam through many different landscapes. Enjoy the view from snow-capped mountain tops and explore the dark and creepy woods.

by Kyle Hayth

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