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Free Fighters
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Free Fighters Description

In this simple 2D browser game, players can build up their own prominent martial arts school, training fighters to be the best, educating their fighters and continue your school's expansion.


Free Fighters is a free-to-play manager game in which you are put in charge of your own fighting school. There are various aspects that must be managed in order for you to be a successful manager and owner, striving to ultimately have the fittest and strongest fighters in all of the online game's history.

The most crucial component in the browser based game Free Fighters is of course managing and training your fighters. You must ensure they have the best training equipment, implement clever fighting strategies, employ teachers to help educate them, purchase books and more.

Your fighters should continuously train in order to prepare them for the matches against opposing players. It is your duty in the online game Free Fighters to manage their statistics and choose the right fighter for the right match, improving your chanced of victory, and therefore success.

You are able to bid on additional fighters at the in-game Fighter Market, or put one of your own fighters on the market. As an operator of a fighting school, it is up to you to manage all aspects of running a school, not just training your fighters. In the online game Free Fighters you are also in charge of the school finances, purchases and more.

Challenge other players to exciting matches and strive to overthrow them in order to rise to the top of the fighting ranks. With every successful match come rewards, prestige and another chance to become the best. Collect and show off your trophies to other players, and strive to operate the best fighting school in the browser based game Free Fighters!

by Kyle Hayth

Free Fighters Screenshots

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