Free Aqua Zoo: Underwater Adventures and More in the New, Free-to-Play Sim

06/20/2011 09:33 am in News

Online game publishers Upjers have just launched a new, free-to-play casual sim titled Free Aqua Zoo. As the name implies, you will be in charge of your very own aquarium with over 40 different types of fish that you can catch yourself or buy!
Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo

Just in time for summer, Upjers' (My Free Farm, Molehill Empire) new aquarium–themed browser game will let you be in charge of your very own underwater world. Not only can you fill it with fish of your choosing, but you can also add various decorations such as coral, plants and more.

Of course, Free Aqua Zoo features fun graphics in a whimsical world with fictitious fish such as the Sawblade Salmon. You will have to care for your fish lovingly and stay on top of what is going on in your mini-sea all the time. However, if you find yourself going on vacation in the near future, a unique feature of the game is the friends list. Friends list? That isn’t unusual... what is unusual is the fact that, since they are your friends, they can come by and take care of your fish while you’re gone!

Ultimately, you will want to create the best and most beautiful aquarium around in Free Aqua Zoo. With various decorations and fish, you will progress in order to get more stuff that will just make your aquarium fabulous.

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