Free Aqua Zoo: New Ways to Add Flare Have Arrived for Your Aquarium

03/22/2012 05:54 am in News

Dutch game publishers Upjers are giving you new ways to add some flair to your aquarium in the free-to-play casual sim, Free Aqua Zoo. The Far Eastern Flair gives you the chance to add a new fish and an all-new background.
Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo

If you have been looking for new ways to spice up your aquarium in Free Aqua Zoo, the free-to-play online game from publishers Upjers (My Free Farm, Molehill Empire), then now is the time to do so. Thanks to the Far Eastern flair a new background and new fish are available to add to your tank.

The Dragonhead fish is quite the looker and is sure to make your tank more impressive than ever before. If you add the new Red Dragon background, it feels just like you’ve taken a trip to the Far East and brought back some great souvenirs.

Additionally, there is also a special campaign that is due to start tomorrow which will get you rewarded just for feeding your fish in Free Aqua Zoo – 50% more feeding points!

Source: Game homepage
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