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Free Aqua Zoo
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Free Aqua Zoo Description

Discover a browser based game in which you become curator of an underwater aquarium full of all of your favorite fish, in all shapes, colors, and sizes...


Free Aqua Zoo is a fun and colorful browser game that puts you in charge of your own aquatic zoo. You start the game with one lonely fish and an empty fish tank. Your mission in Free Aqua Zoo is to collect as many fish varieties as possible, creating an exciting, fun and buzzing aqua zoo! Go shopping at the town's market for food and supplies, cuddle and care for your fish, and even invite customers to take a peek at your aquarium! There are many features in the aquatic browser game Free Aqua Zoo that will keep you busy.

Your main task is to ensure that your fishy friends are well-fed and well looked after. Simply by the click of a heart icon, you can give your fish a little dose of love, straight from the heart. This will keep your fish happy, smiling and full of life! Additionally, it is important to regularly feed your fish. Every time you cuddle or feed your fish, you accrue more points, which can be in turn used to purchase new fish or accessories for your aquarium. Fish food, along with colorful and pretty decorations and additional fish, are available for purchase in the town.

Should you wish to make some extra cash in the online game Free Aqua Zoo, you can sell your fish to other players at the in-game fish market. Once you have enough bait, you can go fishing in the many thriving ponds in Free Aqua Zoo! Cast your reel and wait for the fish to bite the bait, and quickly build up your collection. Join the colorful, fun and simple world of Free Aqua Zoo for underwater fun and meet like-minded fish enthusaists.

Free Aqua Zoo is brought to you by Upjers and is available in the browser of your choice as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. That's right, you can now tend to your little fishies from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, either while on the go or cuddled up on the sofa.

by Kyle Hayth

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