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Fragoria Description

A magical world of fantasy and adventure awaits you as you venture across the land. Experience high adventure and battle evil creatures as you forge a hero of steel...


Fragoria is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG that brings you into a world of magical creatures and powerful wizards. Create a character and pick your own avatar to become the hero you want to be and have your name sung across the lands.

Take on challenging quests and unlock new abilities in Fragoria to take your character to the next level. As you encounter evil in your journeys, you will gain experience. Once you have enough experience, you will advance to the next level which will unlock new skills and abilities for you to use.

Fragoria has numerous powerful weapons and items that you can find in the world around you. Defeating enemies will make them drop loot, which you can collect and keep as spoils of victory. By exploring new areas and completing quests you can also receive new items and armor as a reward.

Because there is so much to see and do in Fragoria, there is an achievement system. This displays what you have accomplished and lets others see how far you’ve come and where you have been. The more achievements you have, the more renowned you will be in the world.

You can also be ranked server-wide in Fragoria. Your level, achievements and overall stats provide you with a ranking. See where you are in relation to other players and give them something to strive for if you are high enough.

Make friends and go on quests together as you meet thousands of others. Fragoria has many players from around the world for you to interact with. You can even send in-game mail with item and messages to others.

Create a hero and become known the world over in Fragoria, the free-to-play browser MMORPG. Explore a large world and have encounters with terrible monsters and terrifying beasts as you complete quests. Make your character the most powerful around by gaining experience and learning new skills to be the best on your server.

by Kyle Hayth

Fragoria Screenshots

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