Fractured Space
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Fractured Space
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Fractured Space Description

Get behind the control panel of your futuristic fleet to secure resources and dominate the galaxy! Your space alliance needs assistance and with the right laser cannons and maneuvers, it won’t take long for you to reach the top of the sci-fi food chain...


Going into space has been the dream of many children and adults alike. It still is - to this day - something that a lot of people will put on their bucket list. For the average Jane Doe, exploring the galaxy is no feasible task of course, but through the magic of video games everyone gets to have a piece of the science fiction cake! Fractured Space is one of those worlds set in the future, allowing you to explore the universe and galaxies far, far away from the comfort of your home computer. Simply download the client, set up an account and get started in the game brought to you by Edge Case Games.

The core mechanic of Fractured Space is as follows: Two teams of several players each control spaceships with the objective of capturing the enemy base. What’s the best way to do that? By working together, communicating and ultimately dominating the map by capturing facilities. The galaxy is split into different sectors: two main bases and Alpha, Beta and Gamma zones. These three regions are heavily contested and can be captured by teams. To take control of a mining facility or station, simply get into the vicinity of the structure. You will have an easy time winning a capture point for your team if you are unopposed, but in a multiplayer online game such as this, this will rarely be the case. Fire your laser cannons and defend the Fractured Space universe to death!

What’s important in this free-to-play title is to know your spaceship. The developers invite you to choose between six different classes - including the Assassin, Disruptor, Hunter or Flagship. Each and every fleet has its own strengths to bring to the space battlefield and it’s up to you to make the best out of every situation. Gain resources and experience during matches to unlock new levels and upgrade your spaceship. New levels will influence the overall damage output and armor class as well as other stats essential in dogfight battles. Bring your spaceship up to speed and duel other players!

Fractured Space Screenshots

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