FPS Trainer: New browser game announced to help you improve your shooter skills

11/10/2010 07:41 am in News

Online gamers can look forward to a new first person shooter (FPS) training game to the online world. Games developers Play2Improve have designed a unique free-to-play browser game, FPS Trainer, to help you gain a competitive advantage in online FPS games through training and practice.
FPS Trainer

FPS Trainer

FPS Trainer will assist you in improving your FPS gameplay for popular games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield Play4Free. The game is currently in the pre-Alpha stage of development, with the Alpha release launching tomorrow (11th November) at the NeoN Digital Arts Festival in Scotland.

Play2Improve hope to open the game into the Beta phase of testing in January 2011 and have planned a full commercial release for April 2011. An estimated 10,000 registered users are planned for the Beta release, and 100,000 registered users for the full commercial release.

FPS Trainer takes you through a series of challenging shooting tasks in order to improve your skills in a graphically simple setting. You can play test matches against your friends and post the results and engage with thousands of other players using the FPS Trainer in-game community. As your skills improve you have the chance to be selected as a peer coach, sharing your expertise with novice FPS players.

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