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FPS Trainer
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FPS Trainer Description

This unique game gives you the chance to practice your first person shooter (FPS) skills using apt training methods. These skills will help improve your game play in a host of FPS online games...


FPS Trainer is a game designed specifically to help you improve your first person shooter skills – a key skill in a number of online games such as Battlefield Play4Free and Halo. The skills you learn in FPS Trainer are fully transferable to other games, and will give you a significant competitive advantage over other players.

In the browser game FPS Trainer you not only participate in regular training, but you have the chance to connect to a large social network and community, where you can share tips and tricks, discuss techniques and more. You can monitor your progress through the player metrics, analyzing your strengths, weaknesses and areas that require improvement. You have the ability to access these metrics from popular third party FPS games.

The free-to-play web game FPS Trainer uses simple graphics to ensure that distractions are limited, thus allowing the player to focus purely on the rapid improvement of their first person shooter skills. Your opponents are clearly visible against the backdrop, creating a more accurate target for you to practice on.

Players who advance quickly through FPS Trainer and who positively contribute to the in-game community will be rewarded with the opportunity to become a peer coach. As peer coach you will mentor and train other players, and may even have the chance to charge for your services. Through social networking site Facebook you are able to organize FPS Trainer matches, display achievements and post results.
Rapidly improve your FPS skills with this highly useful free-to-play browser game.

by Kyle Hayth

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