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Fortune Online
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Fortune Online Description

Slash your way through expansive dungeons and labyrinths filled with the spawn of evil. Become a legend among thousands of players and discover hundreds of items to forge the ultimate hero...


Fortune Online is a free-to-play action RPG that you can play in your browser. Create a character and discover the secrets buried in deep tombs and the catacombs which are filled with evil creatures and nasty surprises.

Each character you create or encounter in Fortune Online is unique. There is an extensive skill tree system that allows you to suit your character progression to your play style. You will unlock new skills and abilities that will make you that much more lethal to your enemies.

You can experience true battle-bliss in Fortune Online as you unleash powerful attacks on the foes that grow numerous before you. With countless unique motions and combinations of skills you can find interesting ways to kill the undead every time.

Fortune Online features an in-depth crafting system with a vast array of creatable items. As your adventures take you to dark places, you will find useful items along the way. Use these items to create new powerful weapons and stalwart armor that will make you impervious to enemy attacks.

Team up with others to take the destruction of your enemies to the next level in Fortune Online. Create a group and venture into dungeons as a group of heroes that will exterminate the evil that lurks in the darkness. Invite your friends directly in your game and group to join in the action instantly.

Become one of the legends that people will speak about for centuries in Fortune Online. Venture into dungeons filled with enemies waiting to challenge you. Team up with your friends in real-time to get in on the action in a group and take the fight to the undead in force!

by Kyle Hayth

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