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Fortuna Description

Dive into the European Renaissance and discover these well know countries from a new perspective. The royal families just can’t seem to stop fighting, ever hoping to increase their own wealth and might to surpass all others.


As a member of one of these incredibly powerful and influential royal families, you find yourself pulled into this historic era of European history. Whether you are of the house Fugger, Tudor or Medici, you will find no end to the quest to improve the standing of your family and compatriots. While on your own, you will use your encounters with other players to widen your area of influence as much as possible. Even when working with members of other families, you must do all that you can to prioritize the advancement of your own family, even if at times you will be more focused on the outward perception of your family rather than their actual power.

Fortuna requires you to use your strategic aptitude to defeat your enemies, knocking all of the challengers to your family’s dominance down a few pegs, while you continue to climb. It is a brutal world and the only way to get to the top is to make sure everyone else is securely underneath of you.

However, battle is not the only place for your strategic know how to shine. It will also be in your best interests to find the appropriate plot of land to set up the seat for your family and to then develop that land into a bustling metropolis to show off your wealth and power. Your city will be your lasting physical mark left for the people of Europe, so it is up to you to develop a secure metropolis with beautiful and lasting architecture, so that no one will soon forget your legacy.

by Jonathan Smith

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