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Fortnite Description

In this online game, you can have your bacon and eat it, too! Grab enough materials to build your own fortress and keep abysmal creatures from taking over your turf. Teaming up with other players certainly helps fight what the storm has conjured up.


A mysterious storm has taken over the world of Fortnite and is causing a ruckus. The winds have not only destroyed every landmark there is, but has also allowed hordes of monsters to freely roam the lands. Are you ready to gear up and take them out one by one? Just grab the nearest weapon and look for items to combine it with. The free-to-play sandbox game allows you to customize your own equipment and enchant already deadly weapons with even more damage potential. Why only have a shotgun when you can have a shotgun with a chainsaw attached to it? No combination is too crazy for Epic Games, the studio behind the action building game that goes by the name of Fortnite.

It’s time to reclaim a world that was once prosperous and is now covered by nothing but ruins. Digging through piles of dirt and waste might not sound very enticing at first, but it will help you stock up on weapons, traps and bacon. At least that is what Epic Games promises! You, as a fearless hero, have the responsibility to close all the demonic gates that have been opened by the storm. Don’t worry about going up against flesh golems, zombies and skeletons on your own in Fortnite, as this is a sandbox experience that allows for multiplayer and co-op gameplay.

As you scavenge through ruins in the hopes of finding more resources, you will meet other players and strange monsters alike. While friendly faces are always good to have in a post-apocalyptic online universe, infernal creatures are not quite as welcome. Raise your weapon or load up your firearms, as you never know what could be hiding around the next corner in Fortnite! Everything from pieces of wood to explosive materials can be salvaged and turned into something new - or just use it to erect new buildings to keep you safe from monsters. With a little bit of luck, you might be able to build your own stronghold just by looting scraps that you find while exploring the cartoony game online. Experienced players will also be able to repair and fix structures during battles.

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