Forsakia - The Lost Clans
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Forsakia - The Lost Clans
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Forsakia - The Lost Clans Description

Wander into the mystical world of Jianghu, take on terrifying monsters and deceitful enemies as you defend the people from further chaos and harm in this adventurous browser RPG...


Forsakia – The Lost Clans is set in the fantastical world of Jianghu, once ruled by admirable and powerful clans. The leaders of these clans were viciously killed in a surprise attack by mysterious offenders.

The world of Jianghu now lies in a state of chaos and unrest, its inhabitants too scared to leave their houses. It is your mission to step up to the challenge of defying and destroying the menacing villains before they bring further chaos to Jianghu.

In Forsakia – The Lost Clans you must adopt the role of one of six unique anime-style warriors to take on the evil forces that lay dormant throughout the land. These include the sophisticated White Dragon, the selfish Phoenix, the hateful Furious Spirit, the ambitious Asura Blade, the relentless Lightning Fist and the elegant Iron Lotus. Choose your character in Forsakia – The Lost Clans and prepare yourself to take on the enemies, either in fierce clashes with fervent monsters or in exhilarating real time battles with other players.

Train your very own loyal pet to keep you company as you explore the lawless Jianghu, or find a mount to help you cover those long distances. Show off your wealth in Forsakia – The Lost Clans by designing and constructing your own house, and craft weapons and equipment using materials you’ve gathered in your explorations. Each day in Jianghu brings new adventure, action and possibilities.

The fantasy-themed browser game Forsakia – The Lost Clans is published by Burda:ic (Land of Chaos Online) and features quirky anime-style characters, a 2D graphics engine, and exciting PvP combat. Fight against ferocious monsters and beasts as you embark on the quest to seek revenge on the brutal attackers and save Jianghu from further chaos.

by Kyle Hayth

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