Forsaken World: Open Beta Launch Moved Up By Two Weeks!

03/03/2011 09:09 am in News

It is official – the Open Beta date for Perfect World Entertainment's next big title, Forsaken World, has been moved up by two weeks. The free-to-play MMORPG has been in the Closed Beta for some while now, so this is most certainly welcome news for fans of the game.
Forsaken World

Forsaken World

Originally planned for a March 23rd launch, Forsaken World will now be going into the Open Beta testing phase much sooner than previously thought. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment (Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Perfect World International) has announced that the Open Beta testing will go live on March 9th for everyone to play.

Forsaken World has also been in the longest Closed Beta testing phase of any of Perfect World Entertainment's titles. It has been through four different Closed Beta phases of testing, each of which saw its own improvements and additions.

Forsaken World will go into the Open Beta with six servers in various locations around the world and has different localized clients that include not only the English language, but French and German as well.

Source: Game homepage
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