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Forsaken World
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Forsaken World Description

Be transported into the mystical world of Eyrda full of fantastical creatures and brutal enemies. Help the five races who share this world to win the war against evil once and for all...


The Forsaken World of Eyrda was born from the imagination of the god of creation, Dyos. Upon his departure from the world, he left his three children to resume duties of reigning over this land. They created the human race, the dwarves, the stonemen and the elves. The god of destruction, Nyos, along with the evil Mylvada sought to destroy this beautiful world. After three great wars the gods fell and the humans took reign. It is now up to you to defend and fight back against the forces of evil, before they destroy Eryda once and for all.

In Forsaken World there are five races with which you can join – including the newly created Kindred race. The kindred race were born out of love and are sensitive and fragile, the dwarves are tough, technologically advanced and full of energy, the humans are charismatic, wise and pragmatic, the elves are intelligent, spiritual and beautiful, and the stonemen are brave, stoic and very powerful.

Within these races there are eight unique character classes in Forsaken World – Warrior, Vampire, Protector, Bard, Assassin, Marksman, Mage and Priest. Choose your character and be prepared for battle. In Forsaken World you also have the opportunity to take on one of several crafting occupations, to assist you in increasing your character's skill and knowledge. These include the Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Tamer, Alchemist, Blacksmith and Botanist.

By collecting powerful equipment such as weaponry, armor and other precious items, you greatly increase the strength with which you can defeat your opponents. Take part in gruesome battles against monsters and bosses, and take part in guild wars for occupation of the infamous flying fortress. The MMORPG Forsaken World contains a high-end 3D graphics engine.

by Kyle Hayth

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