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Forge Description

Explore a fantastic world in which you have to free the gods from the clutches of a malicious being called The Devourer. Choose a unique class and level up to be the strongest fighter…


The fantasy shooter Forge which was launched quite some time ago has finally changed its business model and is now free-to-play. That means that any player can check out the MMO fantasy shooter that focuses on PvP content.

The online game is set in a fantastic world called Forge. A vicious being called The Devourer has completely taken in the almighty pantheon of gods. In the very last moment, the gods were able to send various different warriors to Forge, in the hope that one day one of them will be strong enough to save them from the evil forces of The Devourer.

The game features five different classes who take their particular specializations very accurately. You can choose a character from your favorite class depending on your preferred gameplay style, without fear that you will have to play in a way that is not typical for your chosen class. In Forge, tanks are truly defensive juggernauts who can clearly take a lot of hits. Stealth classes will reach their full potential as deceptive and cunning warriors who attack their enemies out of nowhere.

The Assassins are masters of deception who can kill their opponents in coordinated attacks; the Pathfinders utilize their knowledge of nature to lay traps and hunt their enemies like game; the Pyromancers are powerful fighters who have mastered the devastating powers of fire; the Shamans use magic to heal their allies or deceive their opponents; the Warden is a loyal warrior whose strength lies in protecting his allies.

Each class has seven regular skills, one passive ability, and one elite power which is stronger than their normal abilities and therefore requires a longer cool down. Knowing your class will give you great advantages in heated battles.

Forge is a free-to-play action game set in a fantastic universe. The game will guarantee unlimited fun as you level up your character, fight other players, and master the skills and abilities of your class.

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