Forge of Empires: What to Do in the Beginning of the Game!

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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Starting a new strategic browser game can be somewhat confusing, even if you’re familiar with the genre. Take the free-to-play RTS Forge of Empires for example. In many other similar games, you get to organize which buildings produce what goods and then simply lean back and wait for your inventory of supplies and goods to steadily fill up. This is somewhat different in Forge of Empires as we will elaborate on below.  In this small overview, we will explain what you should pay attention to when you first start playing the strategy game.

In the beginning of the game, there are a few things that are important to know in order to make quick advancements. Make sure to quickly build as many residential buildings and production buildings as possible. The former will give you coins, your main source of income and the latter will give you supplies, which are a main resource in Forge of Empires and needed for various tasks, such as training soldiers, building houses, and doing research.

When this icon pops up above your buildings, it's time to collect coins and supplies.

What you need to know about Forge of Empires is that your buildings will not automatically produce supplies and your treasury will not automatically fill up with coins. You will have to assign specific tasks to your production buildings. Producing various items will take between five minutes and an entire day and reward you with those direly needed supplies. After the building has produced the item, you will have to actively collect the supplies by clicking on the buildings.

If you happen to actively play the game, you want to make sure that you produce items that only take five minutes to produce, as you will be able to collect more supplies in the end. Keep your production buildings busy, as you don’t want to run out of supplies! If you know that you will stop playing the game for the day, keep your productions busy by assigning them with an 8 hour or 24 hour task, depending on when you will be able to log back in. Try to time it wisely, as your supplies can also spoil if they aren’t collected fast enough.

Another thing you should be aware of is that in Forge of Empires, your productivity rises when your people are happy and satisfied. Make sure to raise their happiness by establishing cultural buildings and decorations.
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