Forge of Empires: Arctic Expeditions and Lots of New Quests

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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

The times of adding new eras to the free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires are over. Instead, the developers over at InnoGames announced in May that they would add new thematic areas to the browser game. In line with those plans, the studio has just released a big game update that brings a lot of new content to the Arctic Future. Players can delve into 33 new main quests and a bunch of additional side quests. They can unlock new buildings and explore seven technologies.

Particularly the Promethium Extraction is very important since it triggers the new quest lines of the update. In the Promethium Extraction, players will be able to make use of the new harbor and start into new adventures to extract the precious Promethium, which is required for many new technologies. It goes without saying that the vessel needs a capable crew. Players can choose between ten crew members in total. Five will be recommended before each quest, but players get to make the final choice of three crew members. There’s not any more space on the vessel at first. Later on that will be less of a problem thanks to various possible upgradesfor the ship.

The Forge of Empires community should not underestimate how important it is to choose the right crew members. Each character has a very unique boost that can make or break a quest. The navigator reduces the duration of journeys since they can swiftly navigate the waters. The miners are great at digging up Promethium allowing players to collect more of the precious resource. A Steersperson will speed up the ship, but they will also cause more damage to hit the vessel, which costs resources to repair.

It becomes quite clear that the Arctic Expeditions require some important strategic decisions.

Source: Official game homepage

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