Forge of Empires: Temple of Relics Features Lots of Rewards

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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

The Guild Expeditions in Forge of Empires have not really featured many individual rewards for single players, as the guild has always come first in this mode. The free-to-play strategy game’s community was not a big fan of that, which is why the developers over at InnoGames (Tribal Wars 2, Grepolis) are releasing a brand new Great Building called Temple of Relics. This pyramid not only looks great, but it also features a very nifty passive bonus called Relic Hunt.

As soon as players finish an encounter in the jungle, they will have the chance to find a hidden relic. There are three different types of relics, namely common, uncommon, and rare. When players find a relic, they only need to click on it in order to receive their reward. Prizes include not only resources such as coins and supplies, but also event buildings.

There is always the possibility that relics appear in areas that are still under the “fog of war”. In that case, players need to complete more encounters in order to discover more parts of the map. Any uncollected relics will disappear if players choose to change the difficulty setting for the Guild Expeditions or decide to end their journey.

Players will need to collect all blueprints in order to build the Temple of Relics. It also requires quite a large amount of Forge Points. Players will receive blueprints either for helping others collect Forge Points or for completing encounters. Here’s a small tip for the Forge of Empires community: The Temple of Relics is going to be added to the strategy game tomorrow on July 21st. Anyone who finishes their current expedition by then will obviously miss a lot of chances to unlock blueprints. It might make more sense to pause the adventure until then.

Source: Official game homepage

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