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FootieManager Description

In this browser-based game you have the chance to take on the role of manager of your own soccer club, recruiting staff and players, and competing against other managers online...


FootieManager is a free-to-play browser game that allows players to become successful managers of their own soccer team. There are many elements to managing a soccer club, which don’t just include ensuring your team performs. Balance the finances, encourage ticket sales, and organize sponsorship in the free-to-play sports browser game FootieManager. To help get your team in top shape for the in-game matches, you will need to set up a regular training program for existing players.

In addition to this you are able to recruit young talent as part of the FootieManager youth development programs. This provides the opportunity to discover star players and develop and train them to play for your soccer team. For each match you will also need to plan and deliver strategies for each of the players, as well as decide where on the playing field your players will be positioned. Each of these decisions is crucial in determining the success of the in-game matches. Matches are scheduled to be carried out twice a week, and your role as manager is to present your best soccer team for each match.

As well as orchestrating training schedules and soccer games, you must also take charge of your soccer club's finances in the online simulation game FootieManager. This is done by balancing all of your team's revenue generated by ticket sales and sponsorship against all the clubs outgoings, including player wages.

In the browser game FootieManager there is also a transfer market where you can buy and sell various players, to enhance your team. You are also able to recruit various staff members that will help you with making the best decisions for your soccer club. Strive to become a renowned manager as you compete against other players from all over the world.

by Kyle Hayth

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