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Flyff Description

An exciting manga client game with a unique flying system in a fascinating world. Help the people of Madrigal restore peace and banish the monsters. Everyone is couting on you to restore peace and harmony...


The download game Flyff gives you the chance to immerse into a magical world that offers many possibilities. You find yourself in a world called Madrigal. The Goddess Rhisis created this land with the intention of founding a world where all people live together in peace. After many years, the goddess decided to leave Madrigal for good and create a new world somewhere else. Before she left, she gave all her knowledge about Madrigal to the peaceful Dwarpets. After all, she wanted to see that peace would be maintained. At the same time, the goddess created a clown that was supposed to give fun and joy to the people.

But he did not like his role. His personality was divided into three parts: Imagination Ipuli, Shadow Shield and Chromosphere Bobor. His main character was that of the evil Shadow Shield. He began creating nasty monsters. These spread out and began to occupy a new island. The goal of the monsters was to destroy mankind.

Now the people of Madrigal must fight against the enemy monsters and restore peace in their world. You are one of them. In Flyff, you fight for a life of peace and harmony. Step into the fascinating world of Flyff! Build your own life in Madrigal and make sure that the monsters disappear from the island forever. How do you do that? Simple! You create a character, take on monsters in action-packed battles, gain experience and levels. Soon, you will be able to pick further class specializations in the MMORPG and unlock new skills which will be useful during combat, especially when it comes to dealing damage or buffing allied players with beneficial spells.

Since Flyff is a client game, you will need to download the software, install it and then log in after registering. You will be connected to all the other players and you can start playing online right away.

Flyff Screenshots

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