Flower Knight Girl
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Flower Knight Girl
What to expect:
  • Fast-Paced, Action-Packed Fights
  • Assemble a Team of Individual Warriors
  • Guild Feature for Team Fights
  • Win Powerful Items at the Wheel of Fortune
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  • PvE
  • PC Games
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Play Flower Knight Girl for Free and Fend off all Evil

Create a team of brave female warriors in the free-to-play browser based game Flower Knight Girl and fight against demons.


Long ago, the peace in Spring Garden was disrupted when countless monsters appeared and wreaked havoc at the sacred site. Legend has it that one day a hero will arrive who will lead the Flower Knight Girls to reestablish peace in the fantasy world. You will slip into the role of that legendary hero and go on an adventurous journeyto fight against all evil with your loyal warriors in the free-to-play action-RPG.

Before you can fight against any enemy, you need to recruit a team of diverse fighters. Each team member brings unique abilities. The combination of various skills is what makes your team particularly powerful. Additionally, your team will collect experience points after each fight. Gradually, their level increases, and they will learn new and more powerful abilities. You will also collect character-specific items with which you can equip and upgrade your warriors. Each upgrade makes them more powerful and more resilient.

Team Up with Friends in Flower Knight Girl

Your main task in Flower Knight Girl is to fend off all evil from Spring Garden. That doesn’t mean that you simply head out and kill everything in your path. Instead, you take on quests by NPCs and travel to predefined locations. Here, you will fight against smaller monsters and massive end-bosses. If that isn’t enough to keep you busy, you can also participate in any of the many regular events in the anime game. Successful participation rewards you with special and exclusive items that will be very useful on your adventures. It is always advisable to team up with other players. As a team, you have a much better chance at succeeding in the RPG and defeating even the most powerful of monsters.

Events and main quests are not the only way to collect powerful armor. You can also check out one of the many mini games that are featured in Flower Knight Girl. If you’re lucky, you might even unlock free moves for the so called Gacha, which is a special wheel of fortune in the browser game.

Flower Knight Girl Screenshots

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