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Florensia Description

Set sail and navigate the vast Hoomanil Ocean, taking on your seafaring enemies, and engage in intense duels on land. Explore, trade, and command your way across this mysterious world...


Client game Florensia takes you to a mystical world full of unlocked secrets, un-chartered land and hidden enemies lurking around every corner. Fight your relentless opponents both on the rough seas and on land.

In Florensia you can choose from one of four character classes including the Mercenary, Saint, Noble and Explorer. The Explorer is highly adventurous, dexterous and sincere, and favours the use of guns. The Mercenary is a brave and loyal leader, and is an expert with the sword. The Saint is the supporting character, and uses their connection with nature to summon both darkness and light for use in powerful spells. The Noble also renders the power of magic, and is swift, strong and agile. After level 40 you are able to choose from a further eight character classes.

Once you have chosen your character, you must tactically select your vessel with which to navigate the wild seas. Choose from the tanking Armored Ship, the damaging Assault Ship, the armed Big Gun Ship, the supporting Maintenance Ship and the speeds Torpedo Ship, and hire a skilful crew to command your ship. Sail across the Hoomanil Ocean in Florensia and explore the islands of Cardiff, Magnel, Exeter, Chester and the mysterious Flandria Island. With experience, you are able to improve your strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, will and luck.

In Florensia there is a unique duel battle system, exciting PvP combat, guild wars and even faction wars, where you can display your spectacular fighting abilities. Establish a party with friends or join an impressive guild and face your merciless enemies with absolute might. Scale the tower of 100 floors and face the evil boss monsters along the way.

Florensia is a free to play MMOG published by Burda:ic (S4 League) and contains high quality 3D anime-style graphics, an epic backstory and intricate environments.

Feel the sea breeze in your hair as you climb aboard your colossal ship and prepare to embark on the voyage of a lifetime.

by Kyle Hayth

Florensia Screenshots

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