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Flockers Description

Trapped by the Worms, the Sheep want nothing more than to finally escape their diabolical masters. Help them on their journey and try to get as many of them through the levels alive as possible…


More than 20 years ago, Team17 released Worms on PC, Mac, and PlayStation. If you’re familiar with the turn based artillery game, you will also remember their sheep. If not, let us quickly explain. In the game series, two players battle it out against one another. Each player takes control of a group of worms and tries to eliminate their opponent’s team. They can use mines, missiles, and guns, among many other weapons to annihilate the opposing worms. One iconic “weapon” that many players might remember are the sheep. The sheep will simply hop and run around the map clearing any hidden mines that your opponent might have placed there. While they were only good for destroying mines by dying, the sheep will now get a chance to step into the limelight in Flockers.

The mobile game developed by the studio behind the Worms franchise tells the story of the sheep who are breaking free from their suppressors. You will make sure that their escape is successful in Flockers. The fun game features many strategic elements and lots of dark humor - the really pitch dark humor. In over 60 levels, your sheep will have to evade chainsaws, buzz-saws, crushers, pits of spikes, and other diabolical traps that the Worms have set for them. There will be blood, lots of blood.

Don’t underestimate the sheep in Flockers though. They are very capable of making it through the stages. They can fly up walls, jump, and even explode to destroy dangerous machinery. Not all of your sheep will make it through a level, but here’s to hoping that most will.

Many different sheep types add to the strategic qualities of this fun game. Each type has different advantages that you should make good use of. If you’re familiar with Lemmings, this brain game should seem quite familiar.

Flockers is available for iOS and Android devices.

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