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Fliplife Description

Pursue your dream job, make friends and even fall in love in this free-to-play simulation browser game. Become who you want to be and decide your future as you build a career and a life...


Fliplife takes you to a place where you can create a whole new life just by playing a browser game. You can choose what career path you want to pursue, play sports in your free time or even own a mansion. Make friends as you play with hundreds of others and maybe even become the most famous person in the world.

There are several careers to choose from when starting a character in Fliplife. Depending on what career choice you make, you will progress differently through the world and have different jobs. For example, the pickpocket will have such jobs as robbing vending machines or swindling old ladies out of their purses!

For completing jobs, also known as projects, in Fliplife, you will gain experience and money. The experience will help you go to the next level and by leveling you will be able to do newer, more difficult projects. Money will open up new things for you to buy such as clothes, shoes or even a house.

Fliplife also features the option to create a relationship. By interacting with other people, you can change their status depending on how much you do with them. Starting out as a "loose contact" and ending in a "partner", another player could end up being you significant other!

Create a new life of your very own in Fliplife, the free-to-play life simulation game. You can follow the career path of your choice and become your very own boss. Earn money to buy new items and clothes that will show off just how hard you have worked to get where you are. Become the most famous person in this online world and have your name known by all.

by Kyle Hayth

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