Flight Simulator Airplane 3D
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Flight Simulator Airplane 3D
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Flight Simulator Airplane 3D Description

Not many people have been able to fulfill their dreams of becoming a pilot. Thanks to modern day technology, anyone can at least digitally live their dreams! Take to the skies in this mobile game…


Real flight simulators are one of the most important means of training for up and coming pilots. They can prepare them for worst case scenarios, practice departures and landings, and teach them to keep a cool head in emergencies. In a private setting, players have been able to delve into flight simulator games on their PCs for several years already. In the comfort of their living rooms, hobby pilots have taken to the skies just like a real pilot would! Thanks to modern technology, you can take this gaming experience anywhere you want on your mobile devices. Flight Simulator Airplane 3D allows you to enjoy flying an aircraft on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets wherever and whenever you feel like it. The best part is that it is entirely for free!

While the app is also known as 3D Airplane Flight Simulator, 3D Plane Flight Fly Simulator, and Airplane Flight Simulator Extended, the core feature of the game always remains the same - allowing you to fly your very own jet across the world. Vasco Games’ app features a realistic physics engine, the option to switch into cockpit view, and profound controls which allow you to fully immerse yourself into the game. This results in a much more realistic gameplay experience than any arcade game could offer.

In Flight Simulator Airplane 3D, you will be responsible for your passengers’ safety. Make sure that boarding goes smoothly, that your machine is working fine, and that you safely take off! In the air, it is up to you to watch out for skyscrapers and take the safest and quickest route to your destination. The mobile game features more than 20 different missions including landing, taking off, and time challenges. Several airplanes as well as numerous airports are just waiting to be explored by you.

Be mindful, as this flight simulator surely proves that flying an aircraft is no casual feat!

Flight Simulator Airplane 3D Screenshots

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