Fishing Superstars: Season 3
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Fishing Superstars: Season 3
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Fishing Superstars: Season 3 Description

Always wanted to go fishing, but didn't like the idea of going outside, or even leaving the house? Now can you do both, sit on the couch and fish with this free-to-play fishing simulation game. See if you have what it takes to catch a big one!


Prepare for man-on-fish battle in Fishing Superstars: Season 3, as you engage in intense gameplay that will see you searching the shores of remote islands and winding rivers. What lurks in the depths below is a mystery, that is until a fish takes hold of your wriggling bait and jumps out of the water in an attempt to escape the hook and swim for freedom. But question is: Will you let it?

Challenge your and your friends' fishing skills in this fun, free-to-play mobile game, which lets you fish for over 200 different varieties of sea and river fish. Grab your rod and prepare for an intense adventure where you must use your skills as an accomplished mobile fisherman to reel in and catch the biggest and rarest of all slippery underwater creatures. What you will catch will depend on your location. Travel around the world catching a large array of different specimens. Put the rarest of all your catches in an aquarium to show them off to your peers!

Fishing is quite possible the oldest sport in the world dating back to prehistoric times, where it was more of a necessity than a hobby. And now this hobby is being played throughout the world on the latest smartphones and tablets through fishing games. OK, so the fish aren’t real, nor is the scenery or the rod, but what is real is the sense of achievement that you get from landing a big fish. Games like Let's Fish, FishAO, and this free-to-play title will leave you feeling challenged and interested in what other specimens may be swimming in the depths beneath your boat.

Join a fishing guild and battle for the top spots in the leaderboards and fishing competitions. Recruit a fellow fisherman to fish while you’re away, so that you don’t miss out on a possible monster catch when you’re not using your mobile device.

This simulation game is free to download and play and available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

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