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Fishing Hero
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Fishing Hero Description

Are you tired of fishing at your local lake? Do you dream of travelling around and visiting the best and most renowned fishing locations in the world? In this free-to-play game, you can do it all!


Fishing Hero is a free-to-play fishing simulation with RPG elements that fulfills your dream of catching exotic fishes in foreign places. The game features more than 20 international locations and more than 800 different species that are waiting to be caught.

It is up to you, whether you would prefer to fish offshore New York City’s modern skyline or Bora Bora’s scenic beaches. If you fancy angling at night, you might even like to visit Dos Palmas’ evocative night-scenery.

In total, Fishing Hero’s various locations are home to more than 800 diverse species that are unique to each individual region. Each animal acts according to its species’ characteristic behavior, adding realism and variety to the game. After all, any amateur fisher can certify that there is quite a difference between catching a vicious, powerful shark and a crab.

The game’s realism is reflected in its gameplay which varies from a leisurely outing to an exciting adventure, as you’re chasing after that next big catch. As you’re progressing through the game, you will be able to level up, improve your stats, and upgrade your fishing rods and reels, allowing you to catch even more difficult and exciting species.

Fishing Hero features an individual gaming experience, allowing you to customize your character’s stats and appearance. But choose wisely, as your stats will have an immediate effect on your overall gaming experience. You can individualize your character’s appearance by choosing from a large variety of clothing and fishing equipment - it is your chance to become the fisherman you always wanted to be... without leaving your chair!


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