FishAO: Guaranteed Beta Access for You

07/02/2013 08:44 am by Anna Radak in GiveawaysBrowser GamesRPG

For some people, fishing is more than just a hobby - it is a sport. That’s why simulator games that focus on the art of fishing, like FishAO, are currently in full swing. Since the social game is getting ready for its closed beta, you will need a special key to participate. Good thing we have a way of getting guaranteed access for you, eh? To receive an exclusive beta key and start playing the online game before anyone else, click on the following link and sign up for an account:
The team behind FishAO regularly holds serverwide tournaments. But talking and playing with players from all over the world is not the only feature that the browsergame has to offer. Did you know that in order to complete your so-called Fishdex, you need to pay close attention to when certain fishes spawn? According to the Creative Director of the game, some specimen can only be reeled in at a specific time of day or even year. To see what the gameplay looks like, use the aforementioned link and give the free-to-play title a try.
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