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FishAO Description

For many people all over the world, fishing is more than just a hobby, it’s a sport. This roleplaying game is similar - grab your fishing rod and bottom trawl, young one! Because this adventure is about to begin…


Before you even get to touch your very first fishing rod, you need to create a character. Customize your avatar any way you like. Skin color, outfit and hair style - turn the world of FishAO into a place you want to live in. After all, you will be spending countless hours in this browsergame, trying to become the best fisher there is. Every successful catch gives you experience points and gold coins. If you collect enough, both will give you a leg up in the international ranking. The simulator game FishAO is not only for free, but also does not require any download and can be played in the browser of your choice.

In FishAO, there are ten different areas for you to explore. Each region holds its own kind of fish. So if you need a certain kind of trout, salmon or carp to finish a quest, you always know where to find them. Icy glaciers and roaring waterfalls of Canada, the world is your oyster. If you happen to see other players on the shores of this virtual planet, feel free to talk to them. Who knows, they might have a helpful tip or two. This online game is all about playing together rather than fighting each other - and it shows. The community is very newbie-friendly and eager to show inexperienced gamers the wonderful ways of a fisherman or fisherwoman. Make sure to put nice players on your friends list, because you will need their assistance to gain access to remote areas.

There are over 150 different kinds of fish to catch. Which haul eventually ends up in your inventory is entirely up to the bait you are using. From wiggly worms to stale bread: Choose wisely. Timing is of the essence, especially when you are participating in one of the various tournaments. The social game is not only for dedicated players that want to spend every waking moment fishing. Casual fishermen have equal opportunities to move up in the colorful world of FishAO. All you need is the right strategy. Do you have what it takes?

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