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Firefly Online
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Firefly Online Description

Welcome to the open space of the Verse! Meet thousands of other players, as you hire a crew, upgrade your ship, transport your goods, and fight against anyone who tries to make your life even harder. Life in the Verse is not all butterflies and rainbows…


The Firefly franchise has done something that not many other brands have been able to achieve in this way. The original show created by Joss Whedon came out in 2002 and unfortunately only ran for 14 episodes. Despite only having had such a short-lived run, the series managed to attract a very devoted fanbase, whose constant demand for more content with the Serenity crew has resulted in the release of a film, novel, several comics, and the online game called Firefly Online.

The latter allows you to jump into the world of Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds and his 8-person crew. In the original TV show, the Serenity crew travels through the so called Verse to make a living on the outskirts of society, as part of a galactic pioneer culture. Trading, selling, and survival are the main factors of everyday life. The online game allows you to become the ship captain of your very own crew in the vastness of the Verse.

Developed by Quantum Mechanix Inc. in cooperation with Spark Plug Games, the strategic RPG lets you hire your very own crew and purchase your own spaceship. Complete objectives and quests in order to gain experience and level up. Only then will you have what it takes to upgrade your vessel and complete more advanced tasks. Like in the television series, you will have to watch your back in the MMO. Don’t blindly trust others since everyone is also simply trying to get by and survive.

Firefly Online is a true massively multiplayer online game featuring a world with thousands of other captains who you will always bump into. Interact with them either on a friendly or hostile basis to get what you need in order to progress. The role playing game is also available for all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets allowing you to bring the experience wherever you go.

Firefly Online is the perfect way to interact with other fans of the show who have not allowed the franchise to wither away after it was cancelled on TV.

Firefly Online Videos

  • Firefly Online: Explore the Verse in New Trailer

    02/02/2015 03:33 am - There'll be so much to learn about the Verse once Firefly Online becomes available. Thankfully, you can now get a head start by checking out the Cortex companion app and finding out more about the flora and fauna of the vast sci-fi world online...more

  • Firefly Online: Getting Started with the Cortex App

    01/30/2015 06:01 am - Curious to see what Firefly Online's going to be like? Then download the companion app and start working on your crew from the comfort of the Cortex. This short overview courtesy of Spark Plug Games shows you how to get started...more

  • Firefly Online: The Franchise Lives On

    07/29/2014 05:12 am - The Firefly franchise is getting an online game that will allow fans of the series to continuously meet and exchange their appreciation for the epic journey of Mal Reynolds and his crew. Be your very own captain in the Verse...more

Firefly Online News

  • Firefly Online: Join the Verse Early with a Free Mobile App

    11/18/2014 07:23 am - Simply signing up for a game through a browser-based website is so last year. Why not turn the whole process into a full-blown companion app that gives players a chance to build a tight-knit community even before said game launches? That’s what...more

  • Firefly Online: Coming Back to PCs and Mobile Devices

    07/29/2014 05:54 am - Fans of the science-fiction series Firefly were devastated when Fox pulled the plug after only eleven of the fourteen produced episodes were aired. The show didn’t even make it through its first season despite critics raving about it and audiences...more

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