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Firefall Description

After an interstellar catastrophe an energy storm was unleashed, enveloping the Earth and spawning a race calling themselves The Chosen. Their invasion threatens what is left of Earth and it is up to you to drive them off in the sci-fi shooter Firefall.


Of course it won’t be solely on your shoulders to defend the earth from the Chosen. You will also need to enlist the help of friends or join forces with other players to stave off the invasion and keep your beloved home safe. Group up to form armies and tactically eliminate the Chosen en masse. Aside from just blasting your enemies to pieces, you will also need to collect resources in order to build and upgrade your weapons and other battle tech to eliminate your foes more efficiently while better protecting your own forces.

To help you on the battlefield, you will be encased in a heavy suit of highly advance battle armor, known as a Battleframes. Your Battleframe open up incredible possibilities such as jumpjetting, wielding extremely powerful weapons and employing special abilities, all to help you take back your home planet. Engage in huge open world battles, or take part in smaller scale, eSport style skirmishes with your friends.
If you’re the type that prefers to sit in the background, contributing and observing from a safe distance, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to help the defense of earth and cheer on the more audacious heroes in Firefall. You can spend all your time gathering and crafting if you’d like, and your impact will still be felt. If you want to get a look at high end combat skills, you can also tune into the game’s spectating modes, fully decked out with shoutcasters and all.
Get your hands on this free to play sci-fi MMO Shooter and take the fight to the Chosen, or just sit back and enjoy the show as you watch the intense shooter style of combat in the spectator modes of Firefall.

by Jonathan Smith

Firefall Screenshots

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Firefall Videos

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    02/10/2015 04:15 am - A new update has hit the Firefall servers! It brings the action back to the Amazon where the war has just intensified. Check out the introduction trailer which sets the mood for the new game update...more

  • Firefall: Celebrate Release Day with New Trailer

    07/30/2014 06:00 am - Firefall is one of those games that have been around for what seems like forever, but has only now officially launched. Create a character, explore a futuristic online world and group up with other players in challenging missions...more

  • Firefall: New Trailer to Celebrate Upcoming Release

    07/09/2014 05:33 am - Firefall now has an official release date, everyone! July 29th is the day that all players are welcome to join the free-to-play MMO and check out the biggest content update yet, including new zones to explore and quests for you to play through...more

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