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Fire911 Description

Calling all heroes! Calling all heroes! Have you ever wanted to be in charge of a fire department, police station and even the planning of a city? Well, now you can...


Fire911 is a free-to-play browser game that puts you in charge of your city and its safe development. Construct police stations, fire stations and other civil services buildings to provide for the growing city.

Whether a building has caught on fire, someone needs help or there is a serious injury, your strategic skills will be put to the test. You must properly construct and place buildings in Fire911 in order to successfully care for the city.

Of course, all of your hard work isn’t for nothing. The more successful resolutions to problems that occur in your city in Fire911, the better the rewards will be! That means, the more often you do your job well, the more you will be able to construct and further perform your job at top-notch levels!

However, not all problems are easily solved in this tough, online world. Fire911 will sometimes present too big a challenge for you to complete alone and that is where the other online players come in. By grouping together, you will be able to tackle the toughest of jobs.

Are you looking for a strategy and construction game? Or maybe just fire and police pique your interest? Fire911 lets you do both by applying your strategies to successfully use the proper emergency departments and save the citizens!

by Kyle Hayth

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